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Combine Set 10 – Fast Convoy

Combine Set 10 – Fast Convoy

Suggested Retail Price $19.95 * Stock number 10-2110
ISBN 1-55634-628-X
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When it has to get there NOW, you want hovertrucks. This set includes six fast cargo hovercraft. Their cargo includes four assorted cargo pallets and two broken-down Light Artillery Drones for instant reinforcement.

The LAD is a brand-new howitzer-type unit designed for transport and quick setup! The set also includes two complete LADs in combat configuration.

Each LAD is worth 6 points. The point value of a hovertruck depends on the scenario.

Light Artillery Drone (LAD)
Attack Strength: 2
Range: 8 (16")
Defense: 1
Move: 0

  • Ignores "D" results from CRT
  • Must be within 5 (10") from CP, or suffer -1 Attack Strength and ½ Range.
  • May be transported by a HTRK or TRK. Assembly requires 1 squad of Engineers.

LAD Assembly Timetable

  • Turn 1: HTRK and Engineers are in the same hex (or within 1"). Neither may move or attack.
  • Turn 2: HTRK may move. Engineers may neither move nor attack.
  • Turn 3: Engineers may move and/or attack. LAD appears. It may be targeted, but may not attack.
  • Note: Any unit unable to move during this process may be targeted. If either unit is disabled during the Assembly process, the Timetable must be restarted.

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