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Combine Set 1 – Ogre Mk. V

Combine Set 1 – Ogre Mk. V

Suggested Retail Price $19.95 * Stock number 10-2101
ISBN 1-55634-465-1
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The mighty Mark V terrorized the battlefields of the Last War . . . on both sides. It was introduced by the Combine, but Paneurope fielded its own Mark Vs built from captured templates. The Mark V was the biggest cybertank to see action in any numbers. It has the intelligence of a genius, the cold savagery of a shark, and the firepower of an armor battalion.

This set contains a complete Ogre Mark V; a full "repair kit" – an extra tower and a full extra set of guns – in case of battle damage; a "swimming tower" to represent the Ogre when it's underwater; and a record card.

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