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Errata for Ogre/G.E.V. (combined edition)

Last Updated December 10, 2009

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

For G.E.V.:

5.083 Effects on GEVs: A GEV approaching the edge of a body of water must end its movement phase at the edge of the water, and may neither move onto nor leave the water until its next movement phase. A road which slopes directly into water is considered to be a ramp, and any land that slopes directly into the water is considered a beach. A GEV which enters or leaves water via a ramp or beach may do so without stopping or incurring other penalties. GEVs using a ramp may still get the road bonus.

G.E.V. Sections 8.03 and 8.06 both address attacks on town hexes, but since neither acknowledges the other, the following are offered for clarification:

8.03 is talking about destroying town hexes for victory points. This is relatively easy and does not turn the whole area into rubble . . . it just renders the area unusable for homes or work, and cuts the roads and railroads.

8.06 is talking about turning the whole hex into a sea of broken bricks, smoking pits, and splinters. This is far past the "destroyed" of 8.03.

The next edition will offer revised terminology and a common mechanic to distinguish between a hex "destroyed" for victory points and one so further devastated it counts as "rubble" for terrain effects.

In section 8.07, an Ogre Mark IV should be treated as a Mark V for ramming purposes, doing 4 dice of damage.

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