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Errata for Shockwave, First (1984) Printing

Last Updated December 10, 2009

Copyright © by Steve Jackson Games Incorporated.

Section 3.014. A GEV-PC costs one armor unit in setup, which makes it worth 6 VP.

Section 3.015. In Ogre, when a Superheavy Tank is rammed by an Ogre, that Ogre loses 3 tread units.

Section 3.016 (addition). Marines and regular infantry can combine in groups of up to 3 squads for defensive purposes. Example: Two Marine squads and one regular infantry squad would have a combined defensive strength of 3 in a clear hex, 6 in woods, or 9 in a town. If an attacker gets a 'D' result against such a stack, roll randomly to see which squad is lost.

Section 3.05. The victory point values for new units are proportional to their value as 'armor units' – 6 VP per armor unit. Thus, a LT GEV is worth 3, and a Superheavy is worth 12. A Cruise Missile has a VP value of 12 – that is, you lose 12 VP for expending a Cruise Missile.

Section 3.105. The Superheavy description was changed in the 2000 edition to:

. . . attack strength of 6, a range of 3, and a defensive strength of 5. It has a movement value of 3, and is affected by terrain as though it were an Ogre! When a player chooses units at the beginning of a scenario, each Superheavy is worth 2 armor units.
The Superheavy has two main guns. The owning player may, on any turn, choose to attack separately with each gun, giving the Superheavy Tank two attacks of strength 3 each. But, unlike an Ogre, the Superheavy may not lose one gun and continue to function. When it is hit, it is disabled or destroyed as a unit.
The Superheavy also has two AP units, which are not indicated on the counter. These function exactly like Ogre AP weapons for all purposes, and, like Ogre AP, are doubled in an overrun attack.

Section 4.04 (table). A road, railroad, or bridge at a distance of 2 from a Cruise Missile explosion suffers a 1-2 attack.

Section 8.021. In the 'NUTS!' scenario, the defender's building should be a SP 60 strongpoint.

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