Knightmare Chess – Chaos on the Chessboard!

Chess will never be the same! Knightmare Chess is chess played with cards – and what cards! Each card breaks the rules in a wild and unpredictable way, giving the game more twists and turns than a roller coaster. A translation of the popular French game Tempete sur l'Echequier by Pierre Clequin and Bruno Faidutti, Knightmare Chess has 80 big, beautiful cards – each with an individual color painting by Brazilian artist Rogério Vilela.

Some Knightmare Chess cards affect a single move, while some change the entire game! Each card is assigned a point value, so you can build custom decks based on an agreed point total, or handicap the match so the better player has fewer powerful cards. The possibilities are endless – and so is the fun!

80 oversized (4½" × 2½") cards and a rulesheet in a 8" × 4 7/8" × ½" box.
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ISBN 1-55634-332-9
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Two Sets!

Knightmare Chess Set 2 is now available! With 80 more cards for more chess chaos and fun!

Also Available: Knightmare Chess Blank Cards

A packet of 20 cards with Knightmare Chess backs and blank fronts, for those of you who want to create your own fiendishly clever cards.
Price $4.95 * Stock number 1323
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