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February 9, 2014: How We Use Twitter


We have an official Twitter account, which you might already be following. Whether you are or aren't, there's something you should know: we all use it. it's not one particular person who interfaces with the fans; a number of people at Steve Jackson Games use it throughout the day. We try to combat any confusion that might cause by appending our initials when we tweet. So, if you see -SJ, that's Steve Jackson. -AH is Andrew Hackard, -LB is Lenny Balsera, -BE is me. If you see initials you don't recognize coming from our Twitter account, go check out our Staff Info page and match the initials to the person; this'll also give you a good idea of what aspect of the company that tweet represents.

Another thing we use the Twitter account for is posting Steven Marsh's (-sjm) plot hooks. These all carry the #hook hashtag, and they're tweet-sized hooks for GURPS (or, really, any RPG you want to play).

Finally, the Twitter feed also posts links to every post in the Daily Illuminator, so it's also a good source for keeping current with what's going on with the company.

For all other official Steve Jackson Games Internet presence, check out The Official Word.

-- Brian Engard

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