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April 1, 2015: With April Comes A Shower Of GURPS Excitement

Zombies: Day One

What's that ominous sound getting closer . . . closer . . . closer? Don't look now, but more awesome GURPS releases are almost here. Very soon, we'll offer GURPS Zombies: Day One, a collection of ready-to-use campaign worlds for GURPS Zombies in a tradition similar to the best-selling GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror. Written by Sean Punch -- author of the original Zombies hardcover -- this meaty supplement features eight settings that cover a variety of genres and types of restless dead. Visit the Empire of the Necromancer-King and save a fantasy realm from an undead threat, leap into an action movie to save the Savage Streets from a hot new drug with unexpected side effects, explore the Depravity Well of an alien world to discover its horrifying secrets, and more.

We're also assembling a new Pyramid that looks at more spiritual aspects of gaming. This issue will explore new rules for those who are blessed, new options for those who are cursed, new cultists to fight (or join!), and other soul-stirring suggestions. Look for Pyramid #3/78 at the end of the month . . . or subscribe now and have it delivered automatically as soon as it's released.

The long, cold winter is almost over, but GURPS remains as hot as ever. Look for these downloads soon from Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh

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