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April 18, 2015: Pizza, MIBs, And TableTop Day


Some of you are certainly aware, but most of you are probably not: on International TableTop Day, we chose ten game stores around the country and sent them each five pizzas, on us, for their patrons to enjoy. How did we choose them? I'm glad you asked.

We querried our Men in Black. Andreas, our MIB Control, sent them a survey and got a huge number of responses from enthusiastic MIBs saying great things about their local stores. We used that information to put together a list. This likely won't be the last time we do something like this; if you're interested in being in the running for this kind of thing, the best way to ensure that you are is to make sure you have MIBs at your store. In addition to this kind of thing, MIBs can demo our games for your store and run all sorts of events. 

To learn more about the MIB program, go here.

-- Brian Engard

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