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April 6, 2015: Car Wars Arenas For Veterans

Car Wars Scale Demonstration

As the Car Wars Arenas project on Kickstarter races along, some fans of the Car Wars Classic game have told us that they don't know what's inside Car Wars Arenas that they don't already have in their collection of original Car Wars expansions. The great thing about Car Wars Arenas is that, even if you're like me and have the old '80s and '90s Car Wars books and accessories (you do not want to see my game collection), you don't have these maps professionally printed.

Created from arena designs that we old-timers used to have to draw ourselves at map scale, the Car Wars Arenas project is designed so that the maps match the classic maps; we shipped the factory some original Car Wars maps and used those to select paper stocks and finish. The goal of Car Wars Classic -- which I believe we met wonderfully -- was to make the game feel as much like the 1990 small box Car Wars game as possible. Now we're extending that goal to the booklet and maps inside Car Wars Arenas.

We think those of you who have enjoyed Car Wars for (we won't talk about it) number of years will want to take a close look at the Arenas project. This is our best chance at getting a retro-style expansion for the original Car Wars game. And yes, if this project overwhelms us with support, that level of interest will influence our decisions on possible future expansions for Car Wars Classic. Click the image to see the difference in scale! (Am I the only one who wants Truck Stop in the same box size as Car Wars Classic and with the original cover, map, and artwork?)

-- Phil Reed

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