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April 3, 2023: A New CEO For SJ Games

Meredith Placko

After almost a decade at the helm, steering us through choppy waters and growing the company dramatically, Phil Reed is taking a well-deserved rest from the CEO position. He will continue to lead our crowdfunding effort, act as Art Director, and serve as a member of our Senior Staff and Board of Directors. But he will be doing this on fewer hours a week, devoting more energy to his health and personal work while still being available to his successor to answer questions.

Please join me in welcoming Meredith Placko as our new Chief Executive Officer.

Meredith is no stranger to the tabletop game business. She joins us from Turbo Dork, the acrylic paint company known for its bright metallic and color turbo-shifting hues. Her leadership has helped grow TD into a favorite of mini painters across the globe. She has brought new and innovative ideas to the hobby, while successfully managing a collective of creatives who know no bounds. With that experience, she is well prepared to step into her role at Steve Jackson Games.

"My excitement at joining the team at Steve Jackson Games is something I cannot express in words," says Meredith. "Mostly dinosaur-esque screeching noises. I hope to earn your trust in the months going forward, as we keep on making the games everyone loves."

Meredith got her first taste of RPGs in a telnet D&D campaign with her mighty 9600kbd modem. After that wrapped, everyone decided to try another system: GURPS. She was hooked. Now she gets to play TTRPGS every other week with friends, in a real-life setting of a comfy game room. When not playing her cleric, who is going through a crisis of faith, Meredith can be found cuddling in a pile of rescue cats.

Now, how do I, personally, feel about this? I'm over the moon! We get to keep Phil's experience and skills where they count the most . . . and, I hope, quit burning my friend out. And we get Meredith's energy and talents. Huge win.

I should also note that Meredith is not leaving Turbo Dork in the lurch; she'll continue her duties there as well. She is mighty; she can do it. And we are not acquiring TD; I say this to nip rumors in the bud. The companies remain independent . . . just even better friends than before, if such a thing is possible.

Please send both Meredith and Phil your best wishes as we open a new chapter at SJ Games!

-- Steve Jackson


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