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April 26, 2023: GURPS Discounts On Warehouse 23

Quite a bit of our GURPS library has moved into PDF and print-on-demand, but we still have a few physical supplements in the warehouse, and we're giving a few of these books a heavy discount. While supplies last, get 50% off on GURPS Low-Tech, GURPS Zombies, and GURPS Horror hardcover books! These are three of our classic titles, and this is potentially their last hardcover printing. Take advantage of it now . . .  when these are gone, they're gone. 

  • GURPS Horror by Kenneth Hite adds a variety of horror to your campaigns, including Gothic, supernatural, J-horror, and much more. This is perfect for the GM who watches Joe Bob Briggs while making the campaign. 
  • GURPS Zombies focuses on the brain-eating portion of horror, with hordes of undead rising to face intrepid survivors. If you have a penchant for George Romero flicks, this is the book for you.
  • GURPS Low-Tech will entice the historian, tracing weapons and armor from the Stone Age to the Age of Sail. Keep your electronics to yourself; we've got knives, mail, and blunt objects to solve our problems!

Pick up a copy for yourself or your favorite GM soon, before these books are history. Note: This discount won't show on the web page. It will apply directly to your order once you put the book(s) in your cart.



-- Hunter ShelburneGURPS Sale

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