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April 19, 2023: Bullet Dice Moves To A Fourth Printing


With three printings since 2019, the Bullet Dice set continues to surprise us as demand remains relatively stable. These double-injection molded barrel dice are shaped like bullets and continue to sell through slightly faster than we expect. Each die in the pack is identical, designed to generate results between one and six. The barrel dice include a hexagonal base that acts as a brake of sorts when rolled, reducing the amount of time the dice roll across the table (a problem sometimes encountered with barrel dice that do not include a braking feature.) 

The third printing shipped to stores just last year, and now we have placed an order with the factory for the next printing. While we thought these designs stood apart from many other dice sets, none of us expected to need multiple reprints!

We expect to be able to ship these in June. You can check at your local game store for Bullet Dice (visit our store finder to locate the game store closest to you), but if they're sold out, check back in June!. If you do not have a local game store, you'll be able to find them in our online store later this summer!

-- Phil Reed

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