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April 4, 2015: Get Ready For COMBAT!!

Pyramid #3/77: Combat

Combat is often one of the most fun (and detailed) aspects of many RPGs, and GURPS is no exception. Pyramid #3/77: Combat is devoted to the fine art of fighting. For starters, it features a detailed compilation and expansion of the GURPS scaling rules from Sean Punch. Attack giants, dodge drones, or battle against alien face-eaters with more ease and clarity than ever before.

This issue also offers one of our most ambitious articles ever: a look at codifying monstrous threats in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. With a few straightforward calculations, you'll be able to tell if a critter will be a pushover or wipe out the whole party. It also includes calculations for all Dungeon Fantasy monsters up through last month's Pyramid!

But that's not all! Pyramid #3/77 also includes optional rules for aiming -- guns, bows, or lasers -- from Douglas H. Cole (of GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling fame), new armor sets for GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor, historical armies for GURPS Mass Combat, and more.

Don't fight the urge to add Pyramid #3/77: Combat to your library! Pick it up individually, or subscribe to Pyramid today and get the latest and greatest for GURPS for months to come!

-- Steven Marsh

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