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April 6, 2017: Retailers Can Get Games From Warehouse 23!

Warehouse 23 Retailer

Warehouse 23 is officially open for retailer business!

We recently opened up Warehouse 23 exclusives for retailers to purchase, but this was just a prelude. Starting now, retailers can get any item in print from SJ Games through Warehouse 23.

Do we want you to only order through us? No! Please continue using your distributor(s) of choice to supply your store with our awesome games and accessories. They do a great job, and we are not looking to change that relationship.

We just want to give retailers an option to order from us if something is out of stock at their distributor - if we have it. (Think of us as a backup to the backup; if we have stock left, it'll be available.) You'll get some extra swag as well! Just like general Warehouse 23 orders, shipping will be free for orders of $100 or more (free shipping only available for U.S. orders). And from now until April 17, retailer preorders for Munchkin Shakespeare are also available through Warehouse 23.

You can find more on our instruction page, and if you have any questions, our Retail Liaison can also help you get set up and ordering in no time. 

We hope this gives retailers another option, and that we can supplement our fantastic distributors with a little backup, to keep our games on your shelves!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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