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April 30, 2017: Dungeon Fantasy RPG Off To Print!

It has been quite a week, but with the help of the production team and Monica, the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game boxed set and GM screen are off to the printers!

GM Screen

We have a few previews here of the covers, GM screen, and even some of the Cardboard Heroes! Steve was in the office reviewing the content as well; we had a full house. As of the time of these pictures, the art wasn't final, and the Cardboard Heroes are still in the approval stages. 

Dungeon Fantasy RPGDungeon Fantasy RPG Dungeon Fantasy RPG

Cardboard Heroes Cardboard Heroes

We're excited to hit this milestone, and we hope the Kickstarter backers are pumped as well. If you didn't back or preorder, fear not! Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game will be heading to your friendly local game store shortly after it delivers to backers later this year. Let your local retailer know you are interested in it so that they know to order it! 

So gather your party, prepare your supplies, and get ready to delve into Dungeon Fantasy RPG!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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