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April 21, 2017: A Busy Day At The Office

Today was especially packed, with good progress on four different game lines . . .

GURPS – We can see the light at the end of the tunnel on the Dungeon Fantasy prepress work. It might get to print next week, if all goes well, which would give it a shot at appearing at Gen Con.

Plastic GEVOgre – Today, we saw Ben's first paints of the new plastic Ogres, and they are crisp and beautiful. They also taught us more about "proof-checking" molded plastic, which will pay off down the line on other Ogre minis sets, on Car Wars, and who knows what else? And we saw test shots of the plastic Paneuro units. Some of them still need some tweaklets, but overall we are happy!

Munchkin – We held the final pre-mortem check for the various parts of Munchkin Shakespeare today, and Production had done such a great job that corrections were quick, so the entire project has gone to press.

Munchkin CCG – I played my first games with the current rules and card draft. A good time was had. We may need to either buff the Ranger deck or nerf the Warrior a bit, but all the buzzing, whirring collectible-card-game parts fit together and delivered some nice, quick little fights with actual tactics on both sides.

And this is why it's fun to be in the game business.

-- Steve Jackson

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