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April 6, 2022: Giant Ogre Playmat Pre-Orders Now Open!


We've been asked over the last few years "When will the classic Ogre map be released as a playmat?"

We finally have an answer: The playmat is open for pre-orders right now!

Steve and the crew invested time into making this more than simply the map printed as a neoprene playmat. In addition to the Ogre map, this 3' x 3' playmat includes game aids printed directly on the playmat, making this a useful tool during play and especially to teach the game to a newcomer.

Pre-orders close on April 11. Later this summer, once we have shipped the pre-orders, any excess playmats will be released on Warehouse 23, and we may bring a handful to conventions. If you want to guarantee you get a copy of this new playmat, we recommend pre-ordering. We'll print to order, plus some extras. (Not many extras. These are big and our warehouse space is limited.)

-- Phil Reed

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