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April 9, 2022: Car Wars Drives Through Adepticon

Steve Jackson Games made its first appearance at the Mecca of Miniatures, Adepticon! This was the first show that Car Wars Sixth Edition was publicly available, and it drew a lot of attention. Demos were packed all weekend, with many autoduellists walking away with Double Ace boxes, and our Double Drum tournament on Saturday night ended with Michael walking away with the playmat to add to his collection! If you want to get your own Double Drum or any of the recent playmats, pre-orders are live right now and end soon.

Adepticon Adepticon Adepticon

Fans also had their first chance to play Steve Jackson's Munchkin Presents Batman with developer Will. We had a blast committing crimes with the Munchkin faithful at the show! In general, Adepticon was amazing as well. I'm a big fan of miniatures games, and there were so many incredibly painted miniatures, lush boards full of terrain, and unique and indie games I don't normally get to see in person.

Huge shout-out to everyone who came by to say hi, play a game, and pick up Car Wars. Our next show is FnordCon 5, so if you missed us in Chicago, you can visit us in Austin!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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