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April 14, 2022: Start Playing The Fantasy Trip With This Spectacular Bundle!

As a part of the current Quick Quests campaign on Kickstarter, we're offering bundles that include the game's core mechanics and the new adventures at remarkable prices. This is your chance to grab a copy of this classic fantasy RPG, either for the first time or as a gift for a friend you want to introduce to the game. The project offers three different introductory bundles: a PDF reward package as well as two different print reward bundles.

  • $10 PDF Bundle - This includes Melee, Wizard, and In the Labyrinth in PDF as well as two new stand-alone micro-adventures, Quick Quest 6 and 7. You'll have to add your own dice, papers, and pencils, as well as print the included maps and counters, but this fabulous bundle otherwise has all you need to start playing The Fantasy Trip. That's over 67% off!
  • $50 Print Bundle - The Melee and Wizard boxed game, In the Labyrinth softcover book, and the two new Quick Quest adventures in print. That's over 27% off the retail price.
  • $80 Print Bundle (Solo Gamers) - As the $50 print bundle, plus the Death Test boxed adventure as well as the Warlock's Workshop and Red Crypt softcover books. $124 retail value, making this bundle over 35% off!

The print bundles are limited and make an excellent first step into the world of The Fantasy Trip. You can find the bundles on Kickstarter between now and April 25.

-- Phil Reed

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