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April 13, 2024: Communication Situations

Recently, a short personal development video about conversational styles appeared In my YouTube feed. Since playing games can be a social event, improving communication among participants can increase the enjoyment of the game.

The video described three aspects of communication and the different ways people interact:

Personal information: Can you easily share information about yourself at every opportunity? Or do you prefer to wait until someone asks you questions?

Favors: Do you only ask for favors if you are sure the other person will say yes? Or do you ask without any expectation of the outcome because you are comfortable denying requests?

Stories: When someone shares a story, do you add your own anecdote about something similar (or maybe even only vaguely related)? Or do you affirm the other person and/or ask a relevant question?

We often talk with other people expecting that they will use a conversational style similar to our own – and that might not be the case! If you find yourself getting frustrated with your attempts to communicate with those around you, consider it might be a clash of styles. Instead of getting mad, try talking with the other person about the differences between your expectations and theirs. You might forge a stronger friendship!

At the gaming table, you can use this insight to promote healthier relationships and understand how you interact. Consider using these ideas in a roleplaying game to play someone different from yourself, such as having your character share their personal information freely when you (as a player) are more guarded.

You can watch the original from Hailey Magee on YouTube; it's not quite 90 seconds, so reading this post may well have taken you longer!

-- Nikki Vrtis

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