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April 14, 2015: Zombies Are Dying For You To Visit These Worlds!

GURPS Zombies: Day One

GURPS Zombies is your one-stop GURPS sourcebook for all things related to the restless dead. However, fans of that volume might step away from it going, "Wow! The possibilities are endless! But how can I put all these pieces together into an awesome adventure or campaign?" What you need are some examples that show you how it's done. GURPS Zombies: Day One is here to help.

Written by Sean Punch (the necromantic nexus behind GURPS Zombies), Day One is a collection of eight campaign ideas that span a variety of genres and tones. Do battle as fantasy heroes in a fight against the Empire of the Necromancer-King! Be part of a heroic "Men in Black"-style conspiracy to protect the world from the truth as part of the Zeta Force! Take part in a GURPS Action-style battle against drug-crazed zombified maniacs amid the Savage Streets! And many more.

In addition to laying out the history and outlook of its game world, each campaign idea includes details of what options to pick, which ones to avoid, what kind of waking dead to select, how to maintain the setting's theme, and other essentials. These densely packed setting ideas are waiting for you to bring to (un)life, and for your heroes to save the day. With GURPS Zombies: Day One, it's never been a more exciting time for your days to be numbered!

-- Steven Marsh

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