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April 1, 2015:
What's that ominous sound getting closer . . . closer . . . closer? Don't look now, but more awesome GURPS releases are almost here . . . read article

April 2, 2015:
By now, it's possible you've heard rumblings about the Car Wars Arenas Kickstarter. Well, it's now live! . . . read article

April 3, 2015:
Did you miss out on the Munchkin Bricks Kickstarter? Well, now you can get a set of Warehouse 23-exclusive Munchkin Bricks . . . read article

April 4, 2015:
Combat is often one of the most fun (and detailed) aspects of many RPGs, and GURPS is no exception. Pyramid #3/77: Combat is devoted to the fine art of fighting. For starters, it features a detailed compilation and expansion of the GURPS scaling rules from Sean Punch . . . read article

April 5, 2015:
In the same vein as the recent mini-tutorial on how to rate items on Warehouse 23, I thought I'd offer some words of wisdom about searching. Obviously there's the big search field at the top of each page, but did you know there's another search function? . . . read article

April 6, 2015:
As the Car Wars Arenas project on Kickstarter races along, some fans of the Car Wars Classic game have told us that they don't know what's inside Car Wars Arenas that they don't already have in their collection of original Car Wars expansions. The great thing about Car Wars Arenas is that, even if you're like me and have the old '80s and '90s Car Wars books and accessories (you do not want to see my game collection), you don't have these maps professionally printed . . . read article

April 7, 2015:
Scott Haring and I are hosting the next #SJGamesLIVE to talk about Car Wars Arenas, Car Wars Classic, and all things Car Wars. It is entirely possible that we will reveal something you haven't heard yet! . . . read article

April 8, 2015:
International TableTop Day, which is this coming weekend, is a chance for us to come together as a community of gamers and celebrate the hobby we love so much. It's a chance for us to play games we enjoy, to learn new games, and to teach new games to our friends -- or to brand new gamers! . . . read article

April 9, 2015:
So, we have more Hipster Dice on Warehouse 23. If, you know, you're into that sort of thing . . . read article

April 10, 2015:
In honor of the Car Wars Arenas Kickstarter, everything Car Wars is now on sale on Warehouse 23! 25% off of everything, for the rest of April! Woooooo! . . . read article

April 11, 2015:
If you've ever thought, "What I need is a giant, sculpted Cthulhu head that's also a dice tower," then you're in luck! This Kickstarter is funding just that . . . read article

April 12, 2015:
If you haven't heard of it, Pillars of Eternity is a game that was Kicktarted as "Project Eternity" a while back, and has recently released. If you remember playing old BioWare titles in the Infinity Engine, like Baldur's GateIcewind Dale, or Planescape: TormentPillars seeks to channel your nostalgia for those games . . . read article

April 13, 2015:
A new Kickstarter from our friends at Calliope Games, the Titan Series will be (at least) nine games (at least) by nine top designers. Which one of these will be the next hot new thing? . . . read article

April 14, 2015:
GURPS Zombies is your one-stop GURPS sourcebook for all things related to the restless dead. However, fans of that volume might step away from it going, "Wow! . . . read article

April 15, 2015:
Up until now the Munchkin Messenger Bag has been available only on Amazon. But no more! . . . read article

April 16, 2015:
Last year I attended Quest Night, a local Austin live-action dungeon crawl for charity. Well, this weekend I'm going back into the dungeon! . . . read article

April 17, 2015:
At last, a roleplaying game where a Total Party Kill is one of the best things you can hope for. In Phoenix: Dawn Command, death isn't the end of your character's story but a transition to a new chapter. Phoenix: Dawn Command uses an innovative card-based resolution system that gives players more control over their characters' actions . . . and sometimes makes failure the best option of all . . . read article

April 18, 2015:
Some of you are certainly aware, but most of you are probably not: on International TableTop Day, we chose ten game stores around the country and sent them each five pizzas, on us, for their patrons to enjoy. How did we choose them? . . . read article

April 19, 2015:
We announced on the Car Wars Arenas Kickstarter the other day that, if you pledge at least $40 to the Kickstarter, your reward will also come with copies of Autoduel Quarterly, based on stretch goals. Some are already met . . . read article

April 20, 2015:
Gaming cafes are springing up with more and more regularity around the world. It's a trend that's good for the industry and for the hobby, and also it's just fun to be able to go to a game store, play a game, and have a drink and a snack while you're there . . . read article

April 21, 2015:
During the Ogre Designer's Edition Kickstarter project, back in 2012, we gave Car Wars players the chance to support Ogre. Today, thanks to the miracle of a special Ogre sale at Warehouse 23, Ogre fans can return the favor to Car Wars! Every Ogre item purchased on Warehouse 23 during April counts as virtual dollars toward the Car Wars Arenas stretch goals . . . read article

April 22, 2015:
We announced it on the Kickstarter page a little bit ago, but we'll tell you here too: there now exists a pledge level that'll get you Car Wars ArenasCar Wars Classic, and Car Wars: The Card Game . . . read article

April 23, 2015:
RIFTS. Man, that brings back memories. RIFTS was my go-to game back in high school, and I played it with my friends all the time . . . read article

April 24, 2015:
If you're following the Car Wars Arenas Kickstarter, then you're probably excited about Car Wars! . . . read article

April 25, 2015:
Apparently all of the space debris orbiting the Earth has become a big enough problem that scientists have resorted to super-villain levels of creativity to remove it . . . read article

April 26, 2015:
Even if everyone doesn't have a USB-powered device that they carry around in their pockets the, most of us do. This Kickstarter seeks to provide a convenient, and easy-to-install, method for charging such devices in your own house . . . read article

April 27, 2015:
You've seen it in Barnes & Noble stores, but in early May you'll be able to get it at your friendly local gaming store! Munchkin Zombies Deluxe What makes this edition "deluxe"? It's got a big gameboard to keep your cards in place, and six colored standies that you move on the gameboard as you level up! . . . read article

April 28, 2015:
There's only a little while left to back the Kickstarter for Car Wars Arenas; the campaign ends on Wednesday the 29th! We've hit four of our stretch goals already, and we're pretty close to hitting a fifth! . . . read article

April 29, 2015:
Do you want to get a chance to meet Steve Jackson? Well, he's going to be at some cons very soon! . . . read article

April 30, 2015:
Email Debt Forgiveness Day is the brainchild of PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, hosts of the Reply All podcast. On April 30, you can reply to all the saved email you have, no matter how stale it has gotten, without apologies or explanations for the delay . . . read article

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