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April 1, 2017:
Tired of the same old morning routine? Then kick down the door, fight the monster, and eat a balanced breakfast with Munchkin Gazeb-O's!  These fruity oat loops are full of the real treasure: fiber and nutrients! . . . read article

April 2, 2017:
Munchkin is a game that travels well, as we've found from fans' calls for more storage and transport solutions, like our Munchkin Monster Box. And we always love seeing a well-traveled copy of our game out in the wild!  Enter Johnny FD, a professional nomad, living minimalistically and traveling all over the world! . . . read article

April 3, 2017:
Professor X is gathering his team of mutants! In Munchkin: X-Men Edition, it's your job to beat the villains of the X-Men universe, get the best loot, and win! . . . read article

April 4, 2017:
Everyone likes free stuff, right? Well, we've got two free playmat promotions for stores that order our games!  For you villainous types trying to get away with the loot in Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game, just order a case (that's six) of the game, send your invoice to our Retail Liaison, and we'll get you a playmat! . . . read article

April 5, 2017:
April showers might bring May flowers, but March had a downpour of Munchkin and Ogre releases to quench the thirst of even the biggest SJ Games fan! Look for them in your friendly local game store! Munchkin Oz Loot the Emerald City! Adventure with Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman! . . . read article

April 6, 2017:
Warehouse 23 is officially open for retailer business! We recently opened up Warehouse 23 exclusives for retailers to purchase, but this was just a prelude . . . read article

April 7, 2017:
Get ready to kill the biggest monsters, steal the shiniest treasures, and backstab your friendliest friends in 2017's Unrivaled Tournament! That's right, Steve Jackson Games is throwing Munchkin into the tournament of a lifetime, with over two hundred thousand dollars on the line . . . read article

April 8, 2017:
Veteran autoduellists may remember our feature on the Granite State Challenge, a yearly gathering of friends who have been playing Car Wars for years in a brutal, and elaborate, death match!  Well, they've done it again! Snow and various emergencies impeded some drivers, but there were still 10 competitors ready to mash metal! . . . read article

April 9, 2017:
If you're a hip cat who knows all the swell web hangouts, you already know about Cracked.com, the neato cyber-version of the classic humor mag. (You're also wondering what the heck that last sentence means, because you're not 46 years old, like I am.) . . . read article

April 10, 2017:
Our Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter campaign was quite the show-stopper! Now that we've got our BackerKit survey out, we have a special encore for those who missed the first performance!  From now until April 17, you can preorder Munchkin Shakespeare at the Play-Goer, Shakespearean Player, or I Want It All! tiers via our BackerKit preorder system . . . read article

April 11, 2017:
Our Stakeholder Report for 2016 is up. It was a rough year, and 2017 will be another one, but we're hanging in there . . . read article

April 12, 2017:
On Monday, April 17, we will close preorders on the Munchkin Shakespeare game, expansion, and accessories. On April 18, we'll assemble the final print numbers and place our order with the factory; the project is on track to go to print toward the end of this month.   We're trying something new with Munchkin Shakespeare: keeping our orders conservative and focusing on the overall and immediate profitability of the project . . . read article

April 13, 2017:
Munchkin Cthulhu has kept players laughing at over-the-top Lovecraftian backstabbing and insane ichor combinations for just over 10 years! Retailers, join us as we celebrate Munchkin Cthulhu's anniversary! Over the entire weekend of May 13th, retail stores are invited to open their doors to amateur Investigators and Monster Whackers in search of ultimate reward by hosting a #PlayMunchkin Cthulhu Game Day . . . read article

April 14, 2017:
August is all about the booty - collecting it in merchant ships, stealing it in pirate ships, or saving it by getting lots of hard-to-find promos in one Munchkin booster! Check out these new offerings coming to your store this August.  Munchkin Gets Promoted 2 I'm going to have to ask you to come in on Saturday, okay? . . . read article

April 15, 2017:
Last month's Warehouse 23 sales reflect some hot new items, as well as a lot of stalwarts that are selling steadily. Of course, Munchkin: X-Men Edition was going to crack the top, but Yellow Brick Raid was close behind! . . . read article

April 16, 2017:
It is me, your friendly neighborhood community manager, here to remind you that in addition to the Daily Illuminator (the longest-running daily blog on the internet), we have a few other social-media channels for you to peruse! But why should you follow us there if you already visit our website and forums? . . . read article

April 17, 2017:
It's time to shutter the off-off-Broadway production of Munchkin Shakespeare! Preorders close today, so head over to BackerKit now to reserve your copy (and the Kickstarter-exclusive expansion!). If you are a Kickstarter backer, make sure you have submitted your BackerKit survey, as well! . . . read article

April 18, 2017:
We've reached another checkpoint for Ogre Miniatures Set 1; BackerKit surveys and preorders are closing today!  If you're a Kickstarter backer, this means that you need to submit your BackerKit survey to get rewards by the end of the day. If you've already submitted your survey, then you're all set! . . . read article

April 19, 2017:
In January, we told you about our plans to make more out-of-print GURPS books available again as softcover print-on-demand editions. We continued the experiment in March with three more out-of-print books . . . read article

April 20, 2017:
Have you seen the Discworld Roleplaying Game? Recently we've shown you sneak peeks at the Introduction, some setting material, and a few bits of game mechanics . . . read article

April 21, 2017:
Today was especially packed, with good progress on four different game lines . . . GURPS – We can see the light at the end of the tunnel on the Dungeon Fantasy prepress work. It might get to print next week, if all goes well, which would give it a shot at appearing at Gen Con. Ogre – Today, we saw Ben's first paints of the new plastic Ogres, and they are crisp and beautiful . . . read article

April 22, 2017:
Every Monday evening, I make sure to check out the latest issue of Randy Cassingham's This Is True email newsletter. One of its regular weekly features is the "Honorary Unsubscribe," which notes the passing of someone who slipped under the radar of mainstream media but is worthy of remembrance . . . read article

April 23, 2017:
William Shakespeare, entirely apart from his many literary contributions to our world, also gave us a trivia question: He was born and died on the same date, April 23. (Different years, though.) . . . read article

April 24, 2017:
Up in the sky! It's a bird! . . . read article

April 25, 2017:
What ho, my many loyal Munchkin friends? Sorry . . . it's hard to stop thinking in iambic pentameter once you're in that groove. Obviously, the big news this month is the success of the Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter project, which brought in over $295,000 on pledges by 5,280 backers . . . read article

April 26, 2017:
The last Saturday in April has become a hallowed day for geeks and gamers (it's certainly a bit of a holiday for me): International Tabletop Day, an annual event hosted by Geek & Sundry, held at friendly local game stores around the country! This is the fifth annual event, and I've had a blast at all of them! . . . read article

April 27, 2017:
I am a huge fan of miniatures and minis wargames. So when we got the test shots of Ogre Miniatures Set 1, I was like a kid on Christmas morning . . . read article

April 28, 2017:
Tentacles . . . why'd it have to be tentacles?! Because it's Munchkin Cthulhu Game Day!  Visit a participating friendly local game store on the weekend of May 13 (see store for event date and time) to play Munchkin Cthulhu with other cultists . . . . . read article

April 29, 2017:
Today is the geekiest holiday in the world: International Tabletop Day!  No matter what your flavor of tabletop, be it RPGs, card games, board game, miniature games, or anything you can imagine, this is a great day to get out and play! To be fair, every day is a great day to play more games, but this day in particular is an absolute blast . . . read article

April 30, 2017:
It has been quite a week, but with the help of the production team and Monica, the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game boxed set and GM screen are off to the printers! We have a few previews here of the covers, GM screen, and even some of the Cardboard Heroes! . . . read article

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