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April 20, 2010: DGM: A Review

I -- along with a couple other staffers -- attended Dallas Games Marathon last weekend. It was my first time, and I must say: that group knows how to put on a good time.

The space had plenty of tables, just waiting for whatever game you wanted to sit down with. Two shelves, stuffed with the latest boardgame releases, were freely available for browsing and playing. And there were enough regulars around to help teach the newer games.

The location was excellent as well. The host, Xmax Games, offers the sorts of drinks and snacks a gamer needs, and they're within walking distance of multiple restaurants. Plus, they have eight Battletech pods!

For a $10 online registration ($15 at the door), the event was a steal. Trying to fit in a couple dozen hours of play with a crowd of gaming geeks and the space for those huge games (Arkham Horror, I'm looking at you) isn't something you can usually pull off at your house. An event like this brings together the best elements of "gaming on Friday at Steve's house" with a big convention. Not only did I learn Hive and Stronghold (two games I've been eying for months), we got in a game or two of the Revolution! expansion.

Many thanks to both the organizers and Xmax Games for making the event fantastic. We'll be back later this summer, but you don't need to wait that long. The group holds this event every month (except for November -- so as to not conflict with BoardGameGeekCon -- and December -- so as not to conflict with the holidays). If you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, check them out next month!

-- Paul Chapman

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