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May 20, 2010: Munchkin Reprints

With the new rules of the 19th printing, the question likely on your mind is "Where is the dessert cart?"

Er . . . I mean, "When will my favorite Munchkin set and/or expansion get a reprint?" (Sometimes the Orbital Mind Control satellites pick up stray thoughts from the Bermuda Triangle cruises.)

For the next few months, we've got:

Sorry folks, the Space Age may have improved on the crystal ball, but it's still not 100% yet. As always, predictions of future releases are subject to change due to printer delays, gremlins, volcanic activity, and penguin invasion.

Here's what is certain: Munchkin games released or reprinted after May 2010 will incorporate any rules updates found in Munchkin 19th printing. When in doubt, check the date on the box -- it'll usually be right next to the bar code.

-- Paul Chapman

(If you've been waiting for the results of the Munchkin Card Submission Contest, your wait is over! Check out Munchkin News today to see who won. –Andrew)

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