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April 28, 2022: Indiegogo Projects Update, April 2022

Since last month's Indiegogo report, we've delivered the two campaigns that were open at that time, launched and closed the Mystery Box project, and have a new dice set  Pirate d6 Dice Set  now in funding. We're finding that Indiegogo works great for smaller crowdfunding projects, which is especially useful for backers who often ask, "May I back multiple times?" With Indigogo, the answer is yes!

Steve Jackson Games' Pirate d6 Dice Set

  • Why did it take us so long to tackle this theme? I honestly have no idea, but we're now ready and this is your chance to join in the campaign to get your hands on these dice and a new Munchkin bookmark. There are also perks that include other games – One Roll Quest and Munchkin Booty  and even a retailer reward for those stores that want to add these dice and copies of One Roll Quest to their selection. Hurry, though, because the project ends on May 4!

Steve Jackson Games' 2022 Mystery Box

  • This was a much bigger project than we had expected, unlocking several stretch goals and packing an amazing number of goodies into every box. The boxes are currently being printed and we'll start the assembly stage next month. At the moment, everything is on schedule.

And that is it for our active Indiegogo campaigns at the moment. Crowdfunding is an incredible tool, giving us the chance to experiment with different ideas, and we like to use these regular Daily Illuminator posts to highlight our open projects. Compiling the Indiegogo news in one place also helps our team; not everyone in the office is directly involved in managing projects, so these posts are as beneficial to many of our staff as they are the greater world.

-- Phil Reed

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