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April 28, 2023: Choose Cthulhu Pre-Orders Close April 30

If you missed the Choose Cthulhu project, then now's your chance to pre-order all six of the solitaire adventure gamebooks that were successfully funded on Kickstarter earlier this month. The creative work needed for these books is 100% complete and we're now preparing to print the titles necessary to fulfill the Kickstarter backers' rewards. If you want to get your hands on these gamebooks for your collection, then we suggest pre-ordering before it is too late!

NOTE: Pre-orders are for PDFs and print-on-demand codes only. If you choose to pre-order, you will select either the digital reward or the print-on-demand reward. How does the print-on-demand code work? If you select this option, then we'll send you codes that you can use at DriveThruRPG, where you'll pay for printing and shipping. They'll handle delivering the printed books to you, but only after you use the codes and pay the necessary costs.

Pre-order the first six Choose Cthulhu gamebooks today!

-- Phil Reed

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