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August 2, 2020: Another Online FnordCon!

We had fun with the online version of FnordCon a few months ago, and your reactions were good, so we're going to do it again.

Like the first virtual FnordCon, and like the virtual events we did for this year's Gen Con, this will be held on our Discord server.

This time it will be a one-day event, so save the date: Saturday, October 10!

We will reprise the most popular events from our previous online excursions, and try an experiment or two. Most, if not all, of the panels will have live Q&A sessions. There will definitely be Deadly Doodles, and we're talking about what else to add.

The biggest gap in our planning: we don't know what to call this! FnordCon 2.2? If you have suggestions, use the link below to post to our forums!

-- Steve Jackson

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