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August 23, 2020: GURPS, The Fantasy Trip, And More: Kickstarter Add-Ons!

Our Kickstarter campaign to create new Steve Jackson Games and Munchkin coasters comes to a close tomorrow, so you're almost out of time to join in the fun! Today, for those of you who are wondering what we're offering in the project in addition to the new coasters, we have a short list of some of the project's add-ons.

  • GURPS Combat Cards. This deck of cards for use with GURPS Fourth Edition is a fantastic tool when it comes time to teach new players. If you're looking to bring new players into your GURPS campaign, you may want one or two of these decks to help ease the newbies into the game.
  • The Fantasy Trip: The Infinite Arena. This deck of cards is great for devising new skirmish games between you and an opponent. Designed as a fast setup tool, the card includes two different decks -- Hazards and Battles -- and you draw one of each to create an instant scenario for your next game of Melee or Wizard.
  • Gelatinous. This fast-playing dice game includes 42 12mm green glitter dice in a dice bag . . . and the rules are printed right on the bag! Great for families who enjoy dice and silly fun.
  • Scarf-N-Barf. This dice and card game is your chance to go to the fair with your friends where you will eat whatever strange foods the fair has to offer before going on the rides. Can you keep your treats down?

These are just a few of the add-on options available in the coasters project; visit the Kickstarter campaign today to get new coasters and to select a few games for your rewards package!

NOTE: Open to United States backers only. We will make the set of coasters availble on Warehouse 23 in the future.

-- Phil Reed

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