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August 28, 2020: Liz Danforth Stars At Next Virtual FnordCon

Liz Danforth, fantasy artist extraordinare, has confirmed as our Guest of Honor for the online FnordCon to be held on our Discord server Saturday, October 10. (We'll open the server Friday for pre-event socializing and to give new Discord users a chance to experiment.)

Liz is best known as a Magic: The Gathering artist and as the signature "look" of Tunnels and Trolls, but she also did the cover for Steve's original edition of Melee and has executed a lot of counters for the new Fantasy Trip. And more are coming. Ask her nicely during the event and she'll show you some art! (We used some of her counter art to make some striking Octopus pins for Origins and Gen Con. Check them out here!)

Octopus Pin 1 Octopus Pin 2

In other FnordCon news: Our virtual dealer room was a success last time, so it will be a bit bigger this time. And we want to open up a couple of gaming channels for fans to schedule and run their own games - more on that later, when details are worked out.

-- Steve Jackson


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