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August 4, 2011: This One's Going Out To Steven Marsh

Yo-Yo Man Did you know that Pyramid editor Steven Marsh is a yo-yo fan? Each year he attends the World Yo-Yo Contest . . . and so I dedicate today's Card of the Week to him . . .

Because it's Yo-Yo Man!

He's an Ally, he's worth +8 versus aliens, and he has a cape. (The cape doesn't have a game effect; it's just fashionable.) His catch phrase is a bit too obvious to elevate him to full hero status, but as an assistant in your fight against Bad Guys, he's a peach.

Yo-Yo Man is one of dozens of wacky characters found in Munchkin Axe Cop, on store shelves this October.

-- Paul Chapman

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