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August 11, 2014: Mars Attacks, The Munchkin Tavern, Car Wars: Gen Con Is This Week!

It's time! Our staff is packed and on the way to Indianapolis for Gen Con where we'll be teaching games, entertaining many of you at the Munchkin Tavern, and (please, please, please) scoring a copy of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion. (Well, maybe I'm the only one hoping the game will be there, but since I'm The Boss I'll just pretend that everyone at the office wants this game as much as I do.)

This is our second year running the Munchkin Tavern and we're taking everything we did right last year and pushing up the voltage even higher with both floors of the Tavern devoted to Munchkin, special industry guests, and Munchkin announcements each night. Check our Munchkin Tavern page to learn all about the event, and don't miss us at booth 1401 where you'll be among the first to get your hands on Car Wars Classic (the game I spent so much of my junior high years on is back!), Mars Attacks: The Dice Game, and more (see this Daily Illuminator for a list of advance releases expected at the show). Oh, and did we mention there's a prize wheel, and that every spin wins something? There's a prize wheel! Every spin wins something, and you might even win a celebrity dinner at the Tavern!

And don't miss Andrew's panels! Andrew is an Industry Guest of Honor this year, so make sure to attend all of his panels and follow him around until he gives you a 2014 Munchkin Silver Piece or maybe even a promo card or bookmark. Trust me, Andrew is loaded like a pinata at Christmas and if you ask nicely he will share some of the Munchkin swag he's got in his nifty bag.

See you at Gen Con!

-- Phil Reed

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