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August 15, 2014: Munchkin Gloom and Steve's Worldcon Schedule

We're giving you two announcements in one Illuminator, because we've got so much news we can't wait to share it!

Announcing Munchkin Gloom!

Gloom, by Atlas Games, is a fantastic game. You take control of a family of miserable people and make them more miserable, trying to become the most miserable family before you kill your family off. Plus, the transparent cards are pretty cool.

Now what if you combined Gloom with Munchkin? Keith Baker of Atlas Games is doing just that! Munchkin Gloom is a game about making a family of monsters miserable until you kill them off. We just announced it last night at the Tavern, and it's due out in 2015!

-- Brian Engard

Steve's London Worldcon: Signings And Panels

I'm at Worldcon, having a great time, even though I'm already totally fried. This convention is being very good to the gamers! There are a lot of gaming-related program items, and there's a big Gaming Tent in the fan area. With, dare I say it, lots of games. I'm especially impressed by the giant Ticket to Ride and Pandemic boards!

Due entirely to my own not being on top of things, I didn't sign up ahead of time to participate in panels. So I volunteered once I got here. So maybe (though nothing is certain) I'll be on the following panels. But considering the subjects, they're all going to be worthwhile even if I am not sitting up there blabbering, so you should go.

Today (Friday the 15th) - The Future of Boardgames, at noon in Capital Suite 16.

Today (Friday the 15th) - Playtesting Boardgames, at 7pm in Capital Suite 1.

Tomorrow (Saturday the 16th) - Getting Kickstarted in Games, at 10am (ugh!!) in London 3.

I'll also be doing three signing sessions, about 50 minutes each, during which I can deface your games, shirts, or whatever - and I'll have some new and even some unreleased goodies at these signings for your viewing pleasure.

Today (Friday the 15th) - House Atreides, in the dealer room starting at 5pm.

Tomorrow (Saturday the 16th) - Dicing on the Cake, in the dealer room starting at 4pm.

The day after (Sunday the 17th), Eclectic Games, in the Gaming Tent starting at noon. (And they are keeping my show-and-tell games for me between signings, so if you go down and ask them nicely, maybe they'll show you!)

-- Steve Jackson

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