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August 8, 2014: Join Us At PAX Prime!

PAX Prime is coming fast, striking at the end of this month, and once again the Steve Jackson Games crew will be out in force and ready to teach you games. You can again find us on the second floor in the "corral," over by the juice bar and Rock Band stage (unless they've moved it again this year), and we're going to be there with games to play and stacks of Munchkin promos to hand out to you all. If we can swing it we'll have final copies of Revolution! Anarchy for you to play, a copy of Car Wars Classic you can flip through (please, no drooling on the game), as well as a fully playable set of Tile Chess plastic pieces.

We look forward to gaming with you at the show, so don't forget to stop by and roll some dice with us. We're ready to game!

-- Phil Reed

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