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August 30, 2014: Crowdfunding Focus: Fish Cook

This is a project to turn a James Ernest game into a digital app. It's called Fish Cook, and (duh) it's about cooking fish. But you are no ordinary cook: you want to be the best chef in Paris, which means juggling a limited budget to buy the finest ingredients and prepare the best meal.

The game will be very flexible, utilizing both mobile and desktop devices, potentially at the same time: "Play the game in real-time, with all of your friends around one table, utilizing separate screens for public and private information . . . Play online against your friends or random strangers."

Their stretch goals are very cute: they'll add avatars to the game, based on various geek-culture personalities, starting with Phil and Kaja Foglio. I'm on the list somewhere, too . . .

There are not many days left, and as of this writing the project has not yet met its goal, so definitely, if you want to see a a James Ernest game translated into digital form – and who wouldn't? – then go back this.

-- Steve Jackson

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