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August 12, 2004: Pretty Books, Woot!

So today I had the pleasure of buying Andrew Hackard a margarita to celebrate two Good Things.

(1) Yesterday he finished editing on a project from . . . not from Hell, that's too mild. From the place where mommy demons tell little demons they'll go if they're bad. Now, of course, it's MY turn to look at it, but we're not thinking about that, you hear me, we're NOT thinking about it.

(2) We got samples of the GURPS Deluxe Edition books today. And oooh, they are pretty. (Eventually those will be auctioned as Copy #1.) We have already seen a sample slipcase, and it's nice, and the books in the slipcase are so heavy that you have to think "doorstop," and anybody who would use something this pretty for a doorstop is a Philistine.
-- Steve Jackson

PS - Yes, of course you want photos. Soon. The thing is, we have seen a sample slipcase with a mockup cover, and we have seen a real printed cover, but we haven't actually gotten a final version of the slipcase.

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