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August 7, 2004: Just Can't Wait?

Are you one of those gamers who gets everything first? Does your obsession with all things GURPS know no limitations? Well, have we got an auction for you . . .

On our old friend eBay, we're auctioning off three prepress printouts of GURPS Fourth Edition. These are the loose pages we printed here in the office to check for art holes, double zeros, and mis-typings. They are black and white, the art doesn't look nearly as good as it will, and a few pages may be missing (iconic characters or blank forms, for instance). What it does have is all of the rules text -- the chapters on psionics, definitions of meta-traits, every advantage with a changed cost, everything.

The auction is set to end on Tuesday, August 10. If you figure five days for shipping (although expedited shipping is available), and you'll have it in your hands before GenCon!

Three lucky bidders will be able to answer all your GURPS Fourth Edition rules questions before everyone else. Or, if you win, YOU'LL be the one getting the questions. It's up to you whether you answer . . .

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