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August 25, 2004: Out Of The Dice Bags Of Babes

MIB Steve Donohue took some of our games to his wife Kristie's second/third-grade class in a school outside Detroit. Some of the kids wrote us thank you notes (and hurray to them!). Here are some staff favorites. (We've done some editing for spelling and punctuation.)

From Dakota:

Last Friday was Fun Friday in our classroom. We got to play a lot of your games. X-Bugs is my favorite. I think you should have all of the pieces as the biggest one on there!
From Lauren:
Last Fun Friday in our classroom we got to play a lot of your games. In Battle Cattle could you make a pink cow? And with X-Bugs could you make a game like X-Bugs but could it be called X-Pets with a dog vs. a cat and boys vs. girl. And to make a game all about pets and their people.
From Kayla (attention John Nephew!!):
Last Friday was my classroom's Fun Friday. We got to play a lot of your games. My favorite game was Once Upon a Time. It was the best game I ever played. (Steve says, "We told them you didn't make it, but they wouldn't believe us.")
And our absolute favorite, from future game designer Brandon:
Your games are fun. Two of your good ones were Battle Cattle and Car Wars. But they're the same. I suggest you change them around and make an advanced version. And [for] X-Bugs make U.S.A. vs. Iraq and make them battle! E-mail me [!!!] at [fnord] and mail those games in the mail so I can try them at [fnord].

These are definitely going on the bulletin board. Our thanks to Steve and Kristie, and to Bill Korsak who helped them out.

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