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August 12, 2013: Finally, Castellan!

[Image]I'm happy to announce that at long last, we will have copies of Castellan available for you at Gen Con! Stop by our booth, #1301, if you want to pick up a copy! We'll have the North American red-and-blue version, and a limited number of the yellow-and-green international editions as well! (You can also order the North American version now, if you want.)

It's hard to describe the feeling of finally seeing a game you have been playing for a few years finally get into the public's hands. It's weird for me to think of it as "new," and yet it is. Many of you have already played it, quite possibly with me, and enjoyed it despite what was surely a devastating loss at my professional hands.

I almost feel like I'm from the future. I have years of experience at a game that has just come out. As a gamer from the future, let me tell you, Castellan is lots of fun. Pick it up! You are already years behind me; you can't afford to lose any more time.

-- Randy Scheunemann

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