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August 21, 2013: Ogre Miniatures Wave Two Reprints: Buildings, Lasers And Missiles!

We're delighted to announce that the Wave Two reprints of Ogre Miniatures are now on sale at Warehouse 23.

This wave's theme is "buildings, lasers, and missiles." Previously rare and highly-sought-after pieces now available: the Combine and Paneuro Hardened CPs, the Paneuro Laser Turret and Tower, the Paneuro "Draco" Missile Crawler, and many more. (The humble cargo truck and Ogre repair kits also make a return!)

There's one completely new, never-before-released piece: the Combine "Unity" Missile Crawler.

These award-winning 1/285 miniatures are perfectly scaled for the upcoming Ogre Designer's Edition, the Ogre Miniatures game, or other 6mm scifi rules. If they sell out before you get a chance to order, never fear -- we'll get more printed!

If you need units to round out your collection, many of the existing boxed sets are still available at the fantastic price of just $19.95, until sold out. Hot tip: the Fencer cybertank is low on stock and going fast!


[Image] [Image] [Image] [Image]

-- Daniel

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