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August 31, 2013: "You're All Sitting In The Tavern When . . ."

[Image]Just like the old gaming cliché, droves of adventurers met at our Munchkin Tavern (Indy's own Tavern on South) at Gen Con this year. Some lucky folks got to have dinner with Steve Jackson, John Kovalic, Andrew Hackard, and Lenny Balsera. Others arrived for the Munchkin Adventure Time announcement, and still more came to hang out with other Munchkin fans, drink some brews with SJ Games staff, and just enjoy the party. After all, sometimes you've got to rest between kicking down doors and killing monsters.

There were lessons learned -- every tavern worth its weight in Dwarven Ale should have a shady guy in the corner handing out quests, among others -- and small victories celebrated (no dragon attacks!), but all-in-all for a first-time effort it was a huge success! In fact, we're already making plans to bring the Munchkin Tavern back to Gen Con next year, and possibly to a city near you. Stay tuned here for more details.

As for me, I personally enjoyed meeting our fans in a more personal way than I do on the bustling convention floor, and was amazed to see how much love they have for Munchkin and all that we do.

Do you have a memorable story from your experiences at the Munchkin Tavern? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or email me at the link below!

-- Andreas Stein

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