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August 14, 2003: Foo. No Toronto Trip For SJ.

The World Science Fiction Convention - in Toronto this year - had been in my travel plans, and now it's not. Foo. There's no one reason . . . it's just that travel in general is getting less pleasant and less convenient, and there's a lot to do here (including some work I will really ENJOY, like getting the next Munchkin project ready for playtest). Somewhere along the way, I realized that "I get to go to Worldcon!" had become "Aww, do I hafta take time off for Worldcon?"

That's a question that answers itself.

I will miss seeing my friends there. In particular, I wanted to rejoice with Stefan Jones and David Brin over the release of the second edition of GURPS Uplift, and I wanted to spend some time with Greg Hyland yakking about Munchkin Fu and Ninja Burger (we met briefly at Origins but didn't get the chance to talk at ALL). And, well, Worldcon is always neat, and I wanted to go . . . but I realize that this year I'm just not up for it.

This means that there are two memberships for sale. $125 each (they'll cost you $205 at the door), first come, first served. Drop me a line.
-- Steve Jackson

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