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August 20, 2003: Dragonflight Report

I am lobbying SJ to open a Seattle office for the summer. Stepping off the plane in Austin was deucedly unpleasant after having spent nearly a week in temperate climes.

The convention itself was a lot of fun. I had not been before, but hope to go back and play some more games; the games I did play, however, were very cool indeed. You may be seeing some of them pop up in Warehouse 23 over the next months . . .

Brian Underhill, author of GURPS Cliffhangers and GURPS WWII: Return to Honor, ran several games to preview his upcoming book, GURPS SWAT. By all accounts, the games were well received (and at least one player from the first two sessions made a point of returning for the pickup game on Sunday, always a good sign). There were many other SJ Games events, including a Munchkin Fu tournament, a truly insane game of Chez Geek/Slack Attack/Block Party/Chez Greek/Chez Grunt on Friday night, occasional games of X-Bugs, and a "blender" Munchkin game which drew a LOT of interest. I, personally, got to play Diceland: Ogre (from Cheapass Games) with the indefatigable James Ernest, and am proud to say that under my control, the Ogre Mk III rolled to victory over the hapless foes. I then retired from play, undefeated.

Thanks to everyone who made my week in Seattle a special experience, with extra thanks to Brian Underhill, for being a WONDERFUL author and a great tour guide, and Devin and Stephanie Ganger, for being the best hosts I could possibly have asked for.
-- Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor

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