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August 31, 2003: If At First You Don't Succeed . . .

A group of us got together today to drive down south a bit to visit the San Antonio Museum of Art which, among other things, is featuring a Dale Chihuly exhibition. The theory was that we'd go take in the museum, and then drive back and run a playtest session of the Dork Tower game.

Alas. You know what they say about the best-laid plans, and these plans were not the best ones we ever laid. We were a bit late getting on the road . . . and there was a bad slowdown on the freeway . . . and we stopped for lunch at a very nice place outside San Antonio and had a wonderful meal and talked and talked and talked without looking at the time . . . and after leaving the restaurant, we realized that we might barely have an hour for the museum.

So we turned around and came all the way back, and decided that since I wasn't completely happy with the current Dork Tower version anyway, we'd just try the whole thing again tomorrow. But tomorrow we're going to start at 11.
-- Steve Jackson

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