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August 17, 2012: Chez Guild!

Steve Jackson Games and Knights of Good Productions are proud to announce Chez Guild, a 112-card game based on SJ Games' award-winning Chez Geek and the hit Web series The Guild, now airing on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel.

"My only problem with this concept," says Steve Jackson, "is that we probably shouldn't actually let the characters choke each other to death. But you know they want to. They really want to."

Felicia Day, creator and star of The Guild, adds, "I played Chez Geek for the first time during a rehearsal for TableTop and it was so much fun! I'm thrilled that fans are going to be able to experience this awesome game with The Guild characters. I'm looking forward to playing Clara for a change. Although if Chez Guild were real life, I think Vork would probably win."

Chez Guild will be a Summer 2013 release.

-- Andrew Hackard

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