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August 2, 2012: Putting The "Free" In "Free Time"?


With many people enjoying summer vacations this month (or winter vacations for our southern-hemisphere friends), we thought it might be useful to help people get more out their free time by pointing out some freebies at e23.

Munchkin Mask

For folks wanting to learn the basics of the GURPS rules (or who could use a quick-and-easy version of the beloved game), check out the ever-popular GURPS Lite.

You now know GURPS and now hunger for excitement? Then get ready to join the Caravan to Ein Arris! It's a ready-to-go adventure for a group of heroes open to a bit of traveling.

For gamers who wish to make things easier for their gaming table, check out some of the free GURPS rule game aids, including GURPS Fourth Edition Combat Cards, GURPS Magic Spell Charts, and the GURPS Martial Arts Techniques Cheat-Sheet.

For those who are looking for fun in the world of In Nomine, we have two ready-to-download adventures: A Very Nybbas Christmas and The Sorcerer's Impediments.

Over in the world of Munchkin, we have the perk-bestowing Munchkin Mask, the rule-expanding Epic Munchkin, game-aiding Munchkin Thingies, and more!

We didn't even have time to mention the goodies for The Stars Are Right, Transhuman Space, or others. And that's just what's we have from Steve Jackson Games! For folks adventurous enough to explore the depths of the e23 vaults, we'd encourage you to check out all the freebies we have available (149 items to date!). There's sure to be something that piques your interest. Make your free time freer than before!

-- Steven Marsh

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