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August 27, 2012: There's Science, And Then There's SCIENCE!

Pyramid #3/46: Weird Science

If it involves Jacob's ladders, Tesla coils, a canister of aether, and at least one Klein bottle labeled "Keep Upright," it's gone beyond the domain of science and well into the realm of Science! We celebrate all scientists who go off the beaten path -- from those who make the world a better place to those intent on showing those fools it is they who are mad -- with Pyramid #3/46: Weird Science, the latest installment of Pyramid.

In addition to showcasing a fair number of weird-tech devices -- including offerings from GURPS Fourth Edition co-architect David L. Pulver and GURPS Fantasy-Tech 1 author Matt Riggsby -- this issue presents two optional GURPS design systems for making your own stranger-than-science experiments. It also provides new GURPS goodies from Sean Punch and Jason "PK" Levine, and some examinations into what makes science weird . . . and how to make your own innovations even weirder.

Are you looking for red mercury explosives, ricocheting discuses, magnetic saw watches, and much more? Or do you love tinkering with your own impossible inventions in your laboratory? Then Pyramid #3/46: Weird Science is impossible . . . to resist! Pick it up individually, or subscribe today to get this installment plus many more months of extraordinary experiments.

-- Steven Marsh

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