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August 9, 2012: Ogre Rolls Into Congenial

Ogre Designer's EditionI'll be running Ogre demos, and a casual drop-in competition, at Congenial. Demo and competition times: Saturday, Aug 11 (10am-6pm), and Sunday, Aug 12 (1-6pm). Look for me in the Ogre T-Shirt!

The competition format will be to play the defense vs. the Ogre. The prize is a copy of GURPS Powers 4th Edition, as befits a roleplay convention. There will be Munchkin promos as gifts for participating in either a demo or competition. Can you stop the Ogre?

Additionally, I'll be sitting on a panel on "Gaming Reboots" on Sunday, Aug 12, 10am. Expect to hear lots about the Ogre Designer's Edition Kickstarter campaign, which successfully raised almost a million dollars while rebooting Ogre for the 21st Century!

-- Daniel

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