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August 18, 2010: Big And Colorful

Munchkin 6 -- Demented Dungeons Munchkin's recent switch to color makes John Kovalic's art cuter, wackier, and more funny. So how do we make them even better? Bigger cards, of course!

And while we considered doubling the size of all Munchkin cards (no, we didn't - ed.), the next best thing, to my eye, are the Dungeon cards in Munchkin 6 -- Demented Dungeons. They're twice the size of a normal Munchkin card, and so there's twice as much art space on them.

I've considered mailing them out like postcards, but I imagine I'd get some weird looks at the post office.

Munchkin 6 -- Demented Dungeons will be on store shelves this week.

-- Paul Chapman

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