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August 22, 2010: ACD Show

Next week, Ross, Phil, and SJ will be headed to Madison, WI to meet up with John Kovalic. They'll be attending the ACD Games Day, a trade show put on by one of the larger distributors. The days will be filled with conversations with retailers about upcoming releases (Munchkin), games currently on their shelves (Munchkin), and favorite games of the past that are returning . . . Ogre, for instance.

(Ha! You thought I was going to say "Munchkin" again, didn't you?)

The evenings will be filled with demo sessions and brainstorming. After all, last year's ACD event was the genesis of both Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice!

After the show, SJ will be hanging around at Pegasus Games for their 30th anniversary party. I believe there will be cake . . .

-- Paul Chapman

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